Expanding your vision

Vision Concepts is a full-service integrated marketing and brand development agency. Our group of creative visionaries develop, design and promote brands with a holistic approach.

Working in collaboration with our clients, we create result oriented campaigns and programs that build brands through strategic planning, creative design, story telling, market activation, public relations and promotions.

Our approach is unique. We take chances, demand results and aren’t afraid to let our imaginations run wild. In the end – our clients win, we win.

Market Activation

Vision Concepts lives and breathes all things consumer package goods. To us, success at retail is the ultimate test of how well our marketing initiatives are performing.

How a brand comes to life when a consumer is staring at it on the shelf or ordering it from a bartender is the “moment of truth.” It’s the intersection of marketing and activation. Does the experience a consumer has with your brand measure up to expectations? Vision Concepts has the experience and expertise to make your brand stand out. And, while every brand is different, the end game of any product is a repeat purchase. Ch-ching.

Creative Services

Our award winning creative team collaborates with clients to produce unique and inspiring work. It is strategically designed, with the primary objective of telling a brand’s story and evoking emotion. Our expertise, unique perspectives and in-depth knowledge of brand development, produces real world results.

Public Relations

This is not your grandma’s PR agency. Long gone are the days of editing press releases with red ink, physically cutting newspaper clippings for a clip book and scheduling meetings on a palm pilot. And, while we may have adopted new models for doing business, at Vision Concepts, we still value the PR basics. That’s why we couple the best of traditional public relations with new-age, online media. The result? A slam-dunk PR strategy that maximizes coverage, credibility and awareness.

Brand Ambassadors

Our ambassadors make brands come alive. They convert prospective customers into actual customers, while creating an experience that reinforces brand positioning. With today’s consumers, you don’t get a second chance. First impressions mean everything. Great brand experiences are shared immediately, so why leave it to chance? We will design a specific, strategic approach to share your brand with consumers in the market.


Promotional Merchandising

Slapping a logo on a promotional item, is simple. However, coupling a brand with a product that portrays it in the perfect light and to the correct audience, is an art form. At Vision Concepts, we research a brand and ask brand positioning questions before we find the perfect product.

Other vendors might do whatever a client wants, but we tend to think a little more strategically. We live by the motto that “everything communicates” and believe that every time a consumer sees or comes in contact with a brand it should send a positive message.

So, the next time you’re think putting a logo on something, call us. We have track record of identifying trends, sourcing products and aligning them with brands.