Would you like a strong brand identity with new packaging, tap handles, point-of-sale, photography, web site, sell sheets, etc. then pay for it overtime based on how much beer you sell?

We thought so.

Introducing a brand development program crafted for breweries. It is a simple 4 step process.

1. We project 5 years of total beer sales [ex. 60,000 Ce’s]
2. Estimate total creative materials [ex. 250-300 hours]
3. Calculate fee per case equivalent [ex. .50 per case]
4. You pay monthly based on the amount of beer sold [ex.800 Ce’s x .50 = $400]




A true partnership with incentive based results

Our success is determined directly by your success. We want you to sell more beer so we work hard to ensure consumers love and identify with your brand.

Avoid large capital outlay and maintain cash flow

You are able to focus your capital on critical areas of the business such as people, equipment and ingredients.

Build a holistic brand with consistent creative materials.

A strategic and cohesive brand can be developed without the restrictions of a large initial investment.

We know the beer business

As a sister company to Monarch Beverage, Indiana’s largest beer and wine distributor, Vision Concepts has in-depth knowledge and first-hand experience into what sells beer. We understand beverage trends, wholesaler demand, retail activation and the driving forces behind consumer behavior. Market data, industry insight and collaboration help to build a brand strategy that ensures success.




Are you passionate about your beer? Do you utilize quality systems and ingredients to create consistently remarkable results? We want to tell your story.