This Is Not A Cup And Straw

This Is Not A Cup And Straw

This may look like a can of Strongbow Hard Apple Cider and a plastic cup with a lid and straw, but it’s a lot more than that.

Heineken came to us and was looking for a way to sample their Strongbow Hard Apple Cider to women. Seems like a simple enough task, right?

The challenge was to identify what is the appropriate means to introduce the product to them and then get the product in their hands in an environment where they would be.

The cider category is exploding and the amount of new players launching ciders is increasing every day. We needed a way for Strongbow to stand out from the crowd.

Since fewer women shop in liquor stores and legalities in most states prohibit wet sampling in grocery stores, we needed to find a different method of getting women to try the product.

Our solution was to provide Strongbow branded insulated tumblers to golf courses where they would feature Strongbow on Ladies Day. The offer was simply to purchase a 4 –pack of Strongbow and 4 tumblers for the price of what the Strongbow would typically cost every day.

By providing the golf course with a compelling consumer offer, Strongbow received new distribution, the golf courses provided a value-added offer to their guests and Strongbow got the trial they were looking for to their target audience.

So while most people look at this plastic cup and straw as just a promotional product, we see it as a strategic delivery device that puts a client’s product in the hands of its target consumer.